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At Write My Website we’re always looking for talented and passionate people looking to work within the online world. We’re interested in people that have the drive, initiative and attitude to succeed. We’re also interested in people with common sense, a warm and friendly tone and a sense of humour. Being able to reliably work to deadlines is important.

We can teach you the rest. We would like to hear from you if you think you have skills in any of the following areas:

Keeping up with change: Content marketing is always changing things. There are major changes to algorithms, social media alterations, and technological upgrades. Are you on top of an ever-changing industry?

Being tech savvy: We need people who can use a variety of applications, including WordPress, social media scheduling, social media platforms, photo and video software.

Understanding strategy is everything: Do you know how to put together and manage a digital marketing strategy? Do you have ideas? Do you know how to assess the success of a strategy?

Being true to brand: Do you understand how to manage different brands? Some brands require a more formal tone than others. It’s important to know the brand inside out and stay true to the message.

Knowing which social media platforms to use: Assess the potential across today’s social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, your company blog, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are essential channels, and each has different marketing tactics. Not every social media platform is appropriate for every business. Do you know the difference?

Understanding what a social media community is: customer service on social media can be tricky, because it can go viral for great reasons or all the wrong reasons. Can you deal with customers in this environment, where your words can be seen by an entire audience of potential customers?

Knowing how to tell a story: people respond to stories. Stories have the power to evoke an emotional response in people. That’s why we love books and movies and TV so much – all are story-telling devices. Stories paint pictures in customers’ minds and evoke emotions that foster trust and credibility.

If this sounds like you or you are interested in learning about working with us, please contact us. We’d like to hear about your work history, your qualifications and anything else that might be interesting.