Facebook Live: Your Next Challenge?

  What is Facebook Live – and why should you care? If you are a business with a Facebook page, then you need to get your head around Facebook Live. It’s a new way of sharing information and content to a video-hungry audience. What is Facebook Live? On the surface, Facebook Live is a basic[…]

Four Ways You Can Destroy Your Brand Online

  If you want to destroy your brand online, social media is one way to achieve that goal quickly and effectively. While social media remains a valuable tool in our marketing arsenal, you and your business must take care. Using social media incorrectly can destroy your brand and reputation quickly. It’s very hard to remedy[…]

What The Facebook Algorithm Change Means For You

  In June 2016, Facebook announced changes to its algorithm which changes the way we use Facebook as a promotional tool. It seems that most social media platforms prefer brands to pay for exposure and reach, and this is certainly one key outcome of the Facebook algorithm change. Does this mean you  should give up[…]

Twitter: How To Get Your Business Started

Twitter. Tweets. Followers. You’ve probably heard the lingo even if the concept is hazy in your mind. But it’s time to take a deep breath and jump into the social media world of Twitter. Your business might need it. Why Consider Twitter? Twitter has everyone. Friends. Celebrities. Family. Brands. Political groups. News networks. Most importantly[…]

What Is The Secret To Social Media Success?

  What is the secret to social media success for your business? The truth is, there’s no mystery recipe that you can apply to your business to achieve instant success. Your social media strategy needs to align with your business strategy, to understand how to make the most of social media opportunities, you will first[…]

Social Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

If you’ve never heard the term social metrics before, what does it mean for your business? How do you measure success in your social media efforts on behalf of your business? Is the number of retweets, shares, likes or other surface level social metrics? Or are you looking to step it up and really see[…]

Is Social Media Marketing Worth it?

If you’re a small business, you may be wondering if marketing through social media is worth it. Is social media as important as everyone seems to think? You may have heard horror stories about businesses being forced to shut down because of a vicious online campaign and don’t want to put yourself in that situation.[…]

Should I Buy Social Media Followers?

You are considering buying social media followers. You may have been told over and over that a digital marketing strategy should incorporate building the number of social media followers on your social media platforms. You know that to do this well requires an investment of time, energy and a willingness to build relationships. So why[…]

Can You Master Content Marketing?

Content marketing is recognised as being the heart of any digital marketing campaign. In fact, it now forms a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy. The latest predictions state that content marketing could be worth $300 billion by 2019. So are you doing content marketing at all? If not, the bad news is that you’re[…]

7 Digital Marketing Mistakes Not To Make

Perhaps you’ve started to think about digital marketing for your business. Maybe you’ve heard that everyone else is doing it, and so you want to get in on it, too. Before you do, consider these mistakes first. Understanding your audience is the first step toward good digital marketing. Click To Tweet Diving head first into[…]

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