You may think that good graphic design is a luxury that your business can’t afford. But in truth good graphic design tells potential customers a lot about your business.

Good Graphic Design Gives A Good First Impression

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s a website design or business card, the visual appeal of your graphics will be guiding a new customer or visitor in their initial judgement. How your content is communicated and displayed counts just as much as what you are communicating – and that’s where good graphic design can play a huge part.

Using good quality graphic design gives your business an edge and professionalism that shouldn’t be underestimated. A good first impression can last a lifetime – but so can a bad first impression. Investing in high quality graphic design for your business should be prioritized in your budget and resources, as it gives you the best chance to present your business well and make a good first impression.

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What is good graphic design?

This can depend on many factors: structure, colours, spacing, symmetry, fonts and amount of text. But essentially, good design can tell a story. It gives visitors a feel of what the business does and values. A good designer will hear your business’ story and try and convey it in subtle ways through the design choices to target your audience with a design that is functional, attractive and professional.

Good graphic design isn’t just about how it looks – it’s also about how it works. It’s not about decorating a finished product – it’s about packaging and presenting that product in an effective and eye catching way.

Why Good Graphic Design Is Worth The Investment

Good graphic design is worth the money

Cutting costs is a great goal, especially if you have a limited budget. But don’t make graphic design the place where you try to save dollars. A design overhaul can work wonders for your website and business, but only if you invest in doing it right. Many graphic designers put a lot of time, energy and effort into creating unique and beautiful designs, only to have their work undervalued. Creative industries often suffer first when financial times are tough. If you want a visually appealing website, paying the professionals the rates they deserve is both the right and smart thing to do. If you go for the cheaper options or try it yourself, well you will probably get what you pay for – an inferior product – and end up doing it properly at some point in the future anyway. Pay for a good design overhaul once, rather than attempting multiple overhauls, which wastes time, money and can damage your brand. You will probably also drive away potential customers, which contributes to the vicious circle of poor investment leading to poor outcomes.

good graphic design, graphic design, design, marketing strategy

Good graphic design makes you stand out

You want your brand to be memorable to customers and potential customers alike. Good graphic design can help you do that. It gives you brand consistency across every platform or aspect of your business – your hardcopy marketing material, your signage, your business cards, your website, your content and your social media. This gives your business a consistent image and conveys professionalism and trustworthiness, as well as giving customers a familiar experience each time they read or see something from your business – almost making it feel like they are coming home. This brand recognition can be incredibly valuable in creating a connection between your company and your customers. Your creativity in this design and how you visually communicate who you are to the customers helps your business stand out as unique in a field of competition.

Good graphic design organizes information clearly

The first step to graphic design is organizing all the information and content to be presented. This means you have to be organized and deliberate about what information you are communicating, and how you are communicating it. This can be difficult if your business is complex and offers a wide range of products and services, but a good graphic designer who takes the time to understand and map out the information can then reorganize and display what needs to be on show with effective graphs, charts and other visual presentations.


Good graphic design is good for employees

The effect of good graphic design can also be felt internally at your workplace. Your employees will be surrounded by the design, in stationery, the website, the email signature, uniforms, signage and more. The graphic design of your company’s branding can communicate a lot to your customers, but also to those working for you. Images can communicate something words alone can’t, and create a positive impression and environment. It can also encourage productivity and efficiency in the work your business produces.good graphic design, graphic design, design, marketing strategy

If a website is untidy and difficult to navigate, your employees may find it frustrating and discouraging to work with. But a practical design with useful features can vastly improve your employees’ experience with using the site, and actually enjoy working on content for it. Similarly, if your graphic design is sloppy and unprofessional, what does it matter if the work is as well? But when the standard is set high by the design, your workers are more likely to streamline their own work. Building a strong company identity with an appealing visual brand can help your employees get on board with where the business is headed.

Good graphic design can get results

Whether you are after an online purchase, an appointment booking or a request for a quote, good graphic design can set up your website to meet your goals effectively. A good design will draw in and engage customers: and efficient design will have all the right steps and buttons at the users’ fingertips as well.

Graphic designers can create a ‘look’ that appeals to your target audience and draws them in. Sitting down and defining who you are trying to attract with your website and other pieces of design can help your designer tailor their work to your customers. But once you’ve attracted them, you’ll also need to convert that to action. A sleek design will motivate people towards to next step in the process, whatever it is. Talk these goals through with your designer and they can implement features to make these next steps easy for your users – for example, if a key next step is calling to book an appointment, putting the phone number and booking details in a visible and easy to locate position on the website can help.

Investing in graphic design isn’t an unnecessary luxury – it’s a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Good graphic design leaves a good impression on your customers, makes your company stand out amongst the competition, organizes and present information clearly, boosts morale amongst employees and can translate into real, tangible results. Good graphic design is worth it – it will make your business better.

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