How A Purchase Decision Is Made

Do you find yourself wondering how a potential customer makes a purchase decision? You may be surprised at how complex the process of making a purchase decision is – but once you understand it, you can help your potential customers by making their decision easier. The purchase decision process represents a number of stages that[…]

Why Writing Blogs Is Not About Just Writing Blogs

  Be careful of anyone who suggests you should be writing blogs – and better yet, that they’ll do it for you. There are many operators who assume that writing blogs is an easy way to help your business, but without any real benefit to you. Why? Because writing blogs is not about just writing[…]

Facebook Live: Your Next Challenge?

  What is Facebook Live – and why should you care? If you are a business with a Facebook page, then you need to get your head around Facebook Live. It’s a new way of sharing information and content to a video-hungry audience. What is Facebook Live? On the surface, Facebook Live is a basic[…]

5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

  As 2016 draws to a close, we decided to take a look at what digital marketing trends are likely in 2017. Why is digital marketing important for your business? Because without a digital marketing strategy you’ll miss opportunities and lose business. It really is that simple. Modern consumers like to do business with brands they[…]

Four Ways You Can Destroy Your Brand Online

  If you want to destroy your brand online, social media is one way to achieve that goal quickly and effectively. While social media remains a valuable tool in our marketing arsenal, you and your business must take care. Using social media incorrectly can destroy your brand and reputation quickly. It’s very hard to remedy[…]

What The Facebook Algorithm Change Means For You

  In June 2016, Facebook announced changes to its algorithm which changes the way we use Facebook as a promotional tool. It seems that most social media platforms prefer brands to pay for exposure and reach, and this is certainly one key outcome of the Facebook algorithm change. Does this mean you  should give up[…]

Why Should You Bother With Good Graphic Design?

  You may think that good graphic design is a luxury that your business can’t afford. But in truth good graphic design tells potential customers a lot about your business. Good Graphic Design Gives A Good First Impression There’s only one chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s a website design or business card,[…]

Don’t Be Tempted By The Lure of Bad SEO

There’s such a thing as bad SEO? Yes, there is. SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial to widening the reach of your online content, increasing traffic to your website and appearing in a search engine’s search results. But not all SEO is good SEO. What is bad SEO, and what impact can it have? What[…]

Twitter: How To Get Your Business Started

Twitter. Tweets. Followers. You’ve probably heard the lingo even if the concept is hazy in your mind. But it’s time to take a deep breath and jump into the social media world of Twitter. Your business might need it. Why Consider Twitter? Twitter has everyone. Friends. Celebrities. Family. Brands. Political groups. News networks. Most importantly[…]

So You Need A Good Website For Your Business

  Your business needs a website, but what it really needs is a good website. A cut-price website will often work against do. So what does a good website need? If you’re at a loss to answer this question, read on and learn about the key elements of a good business website and what it[…]

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