Email Marketing

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Email marketing strategy in its simplest sense, is sending a message to a group of people using email. In a broader sense every email that you send to a client or a potential client could be considered part of an email marketing strategy. You can quickly and easily reach many people using email marketing, with very low production costs. An email marketing strategy should be utilized where possible as a part of your overall digital marketing plan.

An email marketing strategy is a way to stay connected with your clients or potential clients, whilst promoting your business. Promoting your business doesn’t just mean sending emails about products and services you’d like people to buy; it’s more about offering something of value. The value may be in a special offer, a members-only sale, or specialist knowledge. It is common for businesses to offer their best deals to new customers, but aren’t keeping an eye on the satisfaction of existing customers. It is just as important to reward the loyalty of existing clients. That’s what an email marketing strategy is all about.

A few simple things to keep in mind if you’re going to attempt to prepare an email marketing strategy:

  • Make sure you receive permission from all your recipients before adding them to an email list, otherwise you may be at risk of breaching the anti-spamming laws. Don’t assume that people won’t mind. Ultimately, the law is clear in this regard.
  • Never purchase email lists from the internet. It will most likely end up with a breach of anti-spamming laws and it’s an easy way to damage your brand.
  • Make sure that you triple check the content of your email, including links that work. There is nothing worse than sending an email to hundreds of people and then realizing you’ve made an embarrassing mistake.
  • Email services like Mailchimp provide you with an array of data once your email campaign is sent. Measuring the performance of your campaigns is just as important as the campaign itself. The data will help you improve future campaigns.

There are an array of standard industry practices, such as how often an email should be sent, how to write interesting headlines and more. It may be worth your while asking a specialist for help. Write My Website can assist with all your email marketing strategy needs, including advice on how to build and improve your email list (legally!).

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