Website Design

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Website design has gone from being a nice-to-have for businesses to a must-have. Your website is your first and best salesperson. Most potential customers will check out your website long before they step foot into your business or contact you. So it is crucial you have a modern, functional, easy-to-navigate website that tells your customers what they need to know.

Website design involves the planning, creation and updating of a website. It also includes structure, user interface, layout, colours, fonts, and imagery that is consistent with your brand. A good website expresses who you are and how you’ll help your audience.

Websites can have a number of functions. Sometimes they exist to provide information, while others have retail functionality. Other will need a community feel. Whatever you need in a website, Write My Website can deliver it.

Good website design doesn’t stop. You’ll also want to continue to update your website going forward, particularly if you want search engines (and therefore potential customers) to find you. That’s why we always recommend that any website comes with a content marketing strategy.

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